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Cooking, Food & Kitchen General Forum for all Cooking, Food & Kitchen Direct Sales Professionals to meet and chat

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Old 08-12-2009, 10:38 PM   #1
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Dove Chocolate Discoveries - Theme Party Ideas (from conference)

I've got several pages of these that I'll try to get up over the next few days.

Why Theme Parties?
- Drive more parties and repeat parties with unique themes & experiences.
- Helps create a unique experience that can build loyal and passionate hosts

What is the role of the Entertaining Guide and how do you use it to create theme parties? (Our 'Entertaining Guide' is a booklet of recipes and ideas using different products. It's something available to chocolatiers in a package of 25, that we give out as we wish. I give them to my hostesses.)
- Helps establish DCD (Dove Chocolate Discoveries) as experts in chocolate & entertaining
- Creates value for premium price by showing how versatile the products are
- Provides up-selling/cross-selling opportunities
- Provides a springboard for theme parties with recipe content and entertaining ideas. (Not all recipes can or are meant to be replicated in a party setting. Some just create WOW factor and are for customer only use.)

Guidelines for theme parties:
- Build a menu of a few core items that support the theme. Use past and present guides & recipes
- If you like, you can have a few simple display items that support the theme
- Remember to still include tasting opportunities for core products if they are not included in the theme or workshop. A theme party is still a tasting party and you want to offer tastes that showcase our product range and help you sell products.
- Serve small portions. Leave guests wanting a little more.
- Bring in the wow factor/entertainment value with a demonstration (building a trifle, decorating a glass).
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Old 08-13-2009, 09:11 AM   #2
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Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Michigan
Posts: 3,839
Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Theme: Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice

Theme dessert (1)
- Gingerbread cupcakes
- Trifle

Theme drink (1)
- Mulled wine
- Buttered rum
- Chai tea (non-alcoholic)

Basic tasting
- Mousse
- Fondue
- Ready to eat
- Gingermen pops (display)

Host provides:
- Frosting items
- Wine or rum
- Heavy cream for mousse
- Fondue dippables

Chocolatier Tips:
Make DCD Gingerbread Mix according to the cake recipe in the Entertaining Guide for the Apple Gingerbread Trifle

Divide the batter into six (1/3 - 1/2 cup) portions. (Snack Pak containers work well)

Option 1: Bake one portion in a mini loaf pan
Option 2: Bake on a cookie sheet as 'moon pies,' yielding approximately eight 'cookies.'

Cut cookies in half to serve 16 guests, top with cool whip chai tea

Mousse: great item to make at a tasting party - serve to guests on spoons for a tasting

Trifle: Layer mousse, gingerbread cake, spiced cool whip (substitute for white chocolate mousse), spiced apples, then top with spiced cool whip and a leaf or chocolate shavings

Show chai dip as a great top for buttered rum or cupcakes

Pre-make gingermen, show how to decorate
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Old 08-14-2009, 08:24 PM   #3
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Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Michigan
Posts: 3,839
Candy-Making Workshop

I am so excited to do this one for my mom's show next month! One of the special hostess bundles is all candy-making stuff, and it's why she booked - this theme show will go perfectly!

Theme: Candy-Making Workshop

Tempering (as tasting party)

Demo 1 of the following:
- New molds (Heart, Gingerman or Holiday)
Demo by making four chocolates of the following:
- Transfer sheets with magnetic molds
- Filled chocolates in magnetic molds
- Texture transfer sheets with magnetic molds
- Dip one balloon per guest
- Bark - demo with transfer and topped with nuts

Have a few of these items on display - make and display at all of your parties!
- Pretzels
- Candy canes
- Fortune cookies
- Spoons (flavored)
- S'mores on chop sticks
- Marshmallow ice cream cones
- Piping techniques - flower, spider web, butterfly, snowflake (several of these 'patterns' are available on the company website for chocolatiers under 'Resources0)
- Chips
- Dried fruit
- Biscotti
- Rice Crispy treats

Basic Tasting
- Mousse
- Ready to eat (almonds, baking bits, pretzels, graham crackers, etc_
- Host choice beverage

Host Provides:
- Items to dip and/or decorate
- Cream for mousse
- Cool Whip
- Additions for beverage

Chocolatier Tips:
- Pre-sell chocolate and molds and hold a tempering workshop
- Temper approximately 1.5 lbs of chocolate - host choice, but in hot climates, recommend dark
- Create dessert with a balloon bowl, filled with mousse, strawberries, topped with chai cool whip. Plate the hostess dessert with dessert sauce and a piece of bark with transfer sheet to top. Other guests get chocolate shavings from dessert decorator and make dessert sauce available to taste.

Take a candy box and fill with chocolates that you made for the hostess gift.
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