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Auction Help and Rules for Participation User-written tutorials for common BoB auction tasks

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Old 01-31-2005, 12:37 PM   #1
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When is it OK to Ask for a Refund?

There may be other instances, but I thought I would share one in particular with you that has already happened in at least two auctions. (Different buyers AND different sellers in both cases, and similar but slightly different circumstances.)

What you should know though is that if you, the buyer, request and receive a refund, canceling the transaction - then you no longer have a case for formal dispute resolution.

If you, the buyer, request the refund, and the item ships anyway AFTER the date you requested the refund, (without the money being refunded), then you can choose to receive and keep the shipped item, or refuse the item (or return to sender - unopened you should not incur any cost to return to sender). If you keep the item - obviously you no longer have a case for dispute resolution. If you send the item back (refused) AND keep your documentation that you requested the refund BEFORE the item was actually shipped - and you still don't receive your refund - you can then submit a dispute resolution request. (make sure you keep all your dated correspondence because it will be required for the process)

So what would be a good example of requesting a refund?

By the way - I would definately like to request that before submitting a (buyer) dispute form - a refund request be attempted as a last ditch effort to resolve the issue on your own.
Example 1: If you, the buyer, have sent payment, and the item has not been received in an acceptable amount of time after payment has cleared, or if you find out that item has not been shipped and you are tired of waiting (and it has been an unreasonable amount of time - which only you can decide) - then requesting a refund should be your next course of action.

Make sure you followed YOUR END of the seller's terms as they were defined in the original auction item - so you are actually "in the right".

Example 2: If the seller states they have shipped your item, yet it's been over a week since it was shipped and you still don't have it - requesting a refund is certainly merited.
Please respect the rule that I have in place to keep personal member-to-member issues off the public board. That's why you have email, and why you have PMs. If neither option is working to get in communication - then by all means - post a thread with the person's name as the subject - but ask them to contact you off-board. You do not need to go into the details of private matters on the public board, and if you do, it will be removed.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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